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Randall Kent Powers

Nashville, TN




I was born in Oklahoma, a few years ago, but I grew up in Nashville, TN.

I loved photography as a kid, and as a teen, but it never occurred to me that I might make a living at it, and even more so, embrace it as a creative passion until I realized that I wasn't 'likely' to make a living as a musician...yet!

I started as a photo assistant, with no formal photographic education. Much like the craft apprentices of old, for several years I was content with working hard enough to make myself the best assistant any pro could want. I listened, observed, scrounged, anticipated needs, encouraged, placated, practiced MUCH diplomacy, and showed up on time with a good attitude.

Over the course of my 'apprenticeship', I was fortunate to work for, and with, some of the modern 'legends'in the field: Mark Seliger, Jacques Lowe. Jeff Sedlik, Andrew Eccles, just to name a few.

While observing these photographers, I catalogued a reference library of styles and techniques. I loaded film, built sets, lit subjects, wrangled kids and dogs,... Eventually, I was doing everything but pressing the shutter release. I observed how to shoot the same job and get virtually the same results, or wildly different results, using 12 strobes or a single reflector. Through those years of experience, I gained an understanding of the science of photography and the vision of art...the art of vision.

We each have a vision that is tempered by our genes and our experiences...our individual interpretations of truth and beauty. My vision is striving to capture moments in time through a camera's lens.

I've had images published in The New York Times, Southwest Air's Spirit, Sculpture Review, Country America, Men's Journal, Ducks Unlimited, 'Parent' magazines, and other publications and web-sites. I have shot album covers (CD's for you 'kids'), Baseball cards, PR material, catalogs, and have added my part to numerous books, with subjects as varied as food, symphony, auto racing, luxury resorts, animals and the ever fascinating human.

I like to think of myself as a work in progress--I haven't yet produced my best photographs.

Today....I just might....and then there's still tomorrow!

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